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25 years of Experience

Cobalt Steel 

Patented Designs

Ergonomic 3D Fingerdrop Handle

LSB-02 - The Sword


Optimized for Barber techniques

Teeth on top (EU-style, reversed)


Dry and Wet Cutting 


Polished Cobalt Steel

Black High Glos Coating on Handle 

Modern Barber Scissors (LSB-02, LSB-01H)

Classic Barber Scissors (LSB-01 5.5" to 7.0")

Diamond Like Carbon High Cobalt Steel (LS-05 DC)

LSB 01 + LSB 02 + LSB 01H
The Blender


One to fit every style

The Blender - 10%

The Classic - 30T - 20%

The Classic - 40T - 30%

The Texturizer - 15 to 25%

The Black Diamond - 20 to 25%

The Texturizer

Try it yourself!

Don't just believe our word for it, try them yourself for free!

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Kyari Van Goethem

Barber Educator - Antwerp

"Great quality scissors for a decent price! I have mine for a while now and the feeling of having these in my hands is just amazing. They cut super smooth and easy! Amazing craftsmanship!"
IMG_7279 - touch up - zonder stof.jpg

Salam Karboush

Shipshapebarber - Leuven

"These barber scissors not only helped me to improve my techniques, but also the comfort of my clients!"
IMG_7253 - B&W detail - zonder stof.jpg

Jill De Strycker

Haar, Baard en Snor - Lokeren

"Craftsmanship! Extremely satisfied with my new scissors, you can feel how good the quality is! Thank you also for the super good and super fast service!"
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