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Black DLC (FX7870GBPE & FX7870RBPE) or Titanium (FX7870IBPE) new deep tooth 2.0mm
T-blade – zero gap adjustable

Great for thick/coarse hair and less sensitive skin. Perfect for creating extremely sharp lines.
Both materials are high-strength and a shield against over-heating; Titanium has thus
hypoallergenic properties.

The exposed blade of the SKELETONFX will give you:
• 360° vision regardless of the position in which the outlining trimmer is placed and therefore
a perfect visibility.
• Less heating because nothing traps the heat.
• The possibility to zero-gap your tool without removing the blade.

New higher speed = higher torque digital motor 7 200 RPM
Black DLC material is hypoallergenic, high-strength and a shield against over-heating.
This new motor delivers high-performance for clean close cutting.
The technological advancement of electronically controlled digital motors allow them to be
lighter, feature ultra-low vibration, consume less energy, have a longer lifespan and generate
less noise pollution.
The clipper delivers high power, no matter if cord or cordless operated.

New lithium-ion 3300mAh battery
4-hour quick charge and 3-hour battery operating time give hairstyling professionals maximum
flexibility, time saving and efficiency.

BaBylissPRO - Gold & Black SkeletonFX Trimmer BOOST+

SKU: 4012
Excluding VAT

    • Black DLC zero gap 360° exposed 40mm T-blade
    • New digital motor 7 200 RPM
    • All metal housing – Diamond textured rubber handle
    • New lithium-ion 3 300mAh battery
    • 3 hours run time – 4 hours charge time
    • Cord/cordless
    • Universal voltage
    • Detent hanging hook
    • Zero gap tool
    • Cleaning brush and lubricating oil
  • FX7870GBPE

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