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Product description:


Specially designed for maximum airflow, low noise, low vibration and minimum weight, the GOLDFX blow dryer, a pure MADE IN ITALY technological and engineering gem, delivers faster drying and long lasting styling results with your and your clients’ comfort in mind.


You will work in better conditions, faster, you will get even better styling results and make your clients always happier.


Provided with digital motor, its lifespan is up to 10 times longer than traditional hairdryers and driven by electronics for optimum output. Air flow and speed are constantly controlled for maximum stability. There is no decrease of power, nor decrease of performance. Vibrations are significantly reduced.

This exclusive feature offers genuine efficiency, the best styling results and total respect of the hair fiber.


You will work super fast while preserving your clients’ hair integrity.


The turbo function has the twofold advantage of being able to increase speed and air flow without increasing temperature. It makes drying faster or can emphasize the finishing touches on certain locks without compromising hair protection.

The GOLDFX features 2 speed settings and 2 temperature settings for maximum flexibility and a cold shot for the final touch.


Your clients are happy because you transform their hair into a beautiful smooth, shiny and easy-to-style matter.


Its ionic generator makes drying and styling easier in decreasing tension at the hair surface, giving smooth, shiny and healthy hair.


You will work without strain in the forearm and without tiredness.


The GOLDFX weighs 420 grams only.

Its knurled metal extended handle ensures ultimate no-slip grip. Perfectly aligned with the appliance’s centre of gravity, it is the guarantee of a balanced, comfortable grip.

BaBylissPro GoldFX Dryer - 2200W

SKU: 2001
Excluding VAT
    • High speed EDM TECHNOLOGY motor (23500rpm)
    • Powerful 2200 watts
    • Lightweight 420 g
    • Long life, up to 10 000 hours
    • Air speed: 190km/hr
    • Airflow: 73 m3/h
    • Air pressure: 2035Pa
    • Drying rate: 6.1 grams of water dried in a minute
    • Central ion generator
    • 2 speed settings and 2 temperature settings
    • Cold shot
    • Turbo function
    • 3 concentrator nozzle + 1 beard pic
    • Diffuser
    • Removable silencer rear filter
    • Hanging hook
    • 2,75m tangle-free power cord
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