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The LSB-02 is our "Sword Blade" scissor where a groove in the blade gives added strength, especially in the tip area.

You can easily use the slice technique on this scissor. Its beveled edge allows a more modern, rounded approach on the edge.


Pointcut / Bluntcut / Cutting over comb

Wet & Dry hair (excellent in Dry hair)

Powerful Tip Area (extra strength)


Feel free to contact us for a try-out at our shop or to arrange a meeting at your shop!

LSB-02 - "Sword Blade"

SKU: 8005
Excluding VAT
  • Semi-Offset  - "Finger Drop" - 3D Handle

    Cobalt Steel Japan Quality - HRC 59-60

    1/3 Sword Blade

    Ball Bearing Screw System

    LS-Quality label = 5

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