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The LSBH-01 is our "Hybrid Blade" which allows the moving blade to have a "flat sharpening" angle, while the other blade is curved to keep more hairs on the blade by pushing the hairs slightly inwards on the tip.

Turn it around and you get the opposite effect, therefore a "hybrid".


Pointcut / Bluntcut / Cutting over comb

Wet & Dry Hair


Feel free to contact us for a try-out at our shop or to arrange a meeting at your shop!

LSBH-01 - "Hybrid Blade"

SKU: 8008
Excluding VAT
  • Semi-Offset  - "Finger Drop" - 3D Handle

    Cobalt Steel Japan Quality - HRC 59-60

    Hybrid-curved Blade

    Ball Bearing Screw System

    LS-Quality label = 5

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