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Product description:


The LS-05 DC TR is the finisher scissor made in the same material as its sibling, the LS-05 DC.

Each of its 23 teeth are cut diagonally over a steep angle, which gives the possibility to use the slice technique in your cut!

The strong high cobalt steel makes this scissor very durable and gives the barber the feedback they desire.


Pointcut / Bluntcut / Cutting over comb

Texturizer (Thinning grade = 15 - 20%, depending on used angle)

Wet & Dry hair

Reverse (EU-style)


Feel free to contact us for a try-out at our shop or to arrange a meeting at your shop!


LSL-05 DC TR - "Black Diamond" - LEFTY

SKU: 8015
Excluding VAT
  • LEFTY ! This scissor is designed for left hand use !

    Semi-Offset  - "Finger Drop" - 3D Handle

    High Cobalt Steel Japan Quality - HRC 61-62 - with patented DLC coating (DLC = Diamond Like Carbon)

    Convex Cutting Blade

    23 Teeth (Max. thinning grade 15 to 20% in function of angle) with Diagonal Convex Teeth

    Reverse (EU-style)

    Ball Bearing Screw System

    LS-Quality label = 6

    Free of Nickel Allergy

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