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Product description


Crafted in Italy with premium materials, Falco’s cutting-edge engineering and high-performance, long-life, high-speed digital motor ensure superior air flow, air pressure and unmatched efficiency. Its exclusive outlet grille has been designed to optimize air speed.
Its lightweight, T-shape design -specific to blow dryers of tomorrowmakes it perfectly balanced. Equipped with coolwall technology, it allows hairstyling professionals to hold it the exact way they wish. Falco has been designed with flawless end results in mind, providing stylists with the right kind of features and performance they need to achieve those results.


Whisper-Quiet 70 dB

Falco is BaBylissPRO’s quietest dryer ever, noise engineered to be much less audible, the high
pitch sounds that disturb the ears have been removed. Our dryer is more friendly to salon or on-set environments. 2 X QUIETER


Exclusive rotating swivel cord

Power cord breakage being one of the main technical defects encountered with professional
dryers, the rotating swivel cord is a major improvement and a considerable benefit for hairstyling professionals who work all-day with hair dryers.


Unmatched Performance + 70% flow precision

Engineered with a highperformance, high-speed digital motor, Falco is super streamlined to deliver faster and more streamlined airflow than ever before.


It delivers outstanding results:
244 kph air speed
2976 Pa air pressure.


Precision Styling Tools

Falco is delivered with a complete styling solution. Two ultra-thin 70 x 4 mm & 60 x 6 mm concentrator nozzles developed for precise blowdrying and hairstyling on any hair type. A large diffuser with 18 fingers with advanced air diffusion for drying and styling wavy, coily or curly hair without creating frizz.

Intelligent Heat Control


With 3 speed and 4 temperature settings to achieve perfect results on any hair type and texture,
the onboard computer carefully controls the heat to avoid extremes, ensuring optimum temperatures to promote healthy hair care during styling sessions.
Two electronic tact switches to change heat and speed settings with fingertips. A cold shot gives hair shine, perfect hold and sets the hairstyle.


Enhanced Durability and Sustainability

The new magnetic rear filter with electronic detection is self-aligning and can be easily cleaned or replaced to extend the dryer’s lifespan. For added safety, the power automatically shuts off when
the filter is removed.



BaBylissPRO FALCO Hairdryer - GOLD

SKU: 2008
Excluding VAT
    • 2000W
    • Ultra-lightweight 388g
    • High-speed, long-life digital motor
    • Sound level: 70dB
    • Removable magnetic rear filter
    • (spare filter included)
    • Air speed: 244 km/h
    • Air pressure: 2976 Pa
    • Air flow: 55 m3/h
    • Ionic technology
    • Speed settings: 3
    • Temperature settings: 4
    • Cold shot
    • 2 ultra-thin concentrator nozzles
    • 4 x 70 mm and 6 x 60 mm
    • Large diffuser with 18 fingers
    • Exclusive straightening pik
    • (sold separately)
    • 2.8m long rotating swivel cord
    • Made in Italy
  • BAB8550E

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