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Product description:


Only fits the FX Clippers featuring hanging hooks!


To the barbers and stylists who do not hang up their clippers, we have designed these luxury charging bases which perfectly fit our FX grooming appliances featuring hanging hooks.


Showcase your FX Clipper on your working station.

Just drop your FX Clipper in the charging stand and let it charge. Easy to use and efficient!


How to use this clipper charging base? 


Use this base to charge your clipper FX using the power cord from the clipper.

Improve your clipper and make your cutting job easier with this luxurious charging base with a chic and modern design! Recharge easily and keep your clipper always charged and available on your counter.

BaBylissPro - Red & Black FX Clipper Charging Base

SKU: 9024
Excluding VAT
    • Charging bases for FX clippers only FX8700IE | FX8700BKE | FX8700RE | FX8700GBPE | FX8700RBPE | FX8700IBPE
    • Solid bases for balance and stability which keep the unit upright and secure.
    • Only fits the FX Clippers featuring hanging hooks!
    • Uses the clipper adapter for charging


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