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100 ml Pure Pleasure


“Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, & Cashmeran”. 





Step into the world of ROMAIN “Vincenzo”, a fragrance inspired by the enchanting journey to the south of Italy, to the remote village of Bovino. This is where it all began for ROMAIN, a fragrant journey that takes us back to the roots of traditional Italian shaving artistry. Deeply rooted in the history of this enchanting place, you’ll discover the story of Vincenzo, the living heir of the founders of Italian shaving art, an ancient craft that demands knowledge, trust, and precision.

Vincenzo’s shaving technique is steeped in tradition, with straight razors carefully honed on stones and the art of shaving passed down for over 250 years. When our owner earned his mastery from the family, he received Vincenzo’s coat, infused with a unique scent he wanted to immortalize. This fragrance transports you back to that unforgettable moment in the distant South of Italy.

ROMAIN “Vincenzo” embodies the essence of a true gentleman, always impeccably dressed and with masculinity at its core. The fragrance finishes with powerful woody notes, including oakmoss, cashmeran, sandalwood, and cedarwood. These impart an unmistakable virility, a reminder of the confidence that Vincenzo and his craftsmanship exude. It’s a scent that bestows strength and confidence upon you, much like Vincenzo does for other barbers aspiring to excel in this demanding art.


“Old school” doesn’t get any more “old school” than this, whispers ROMAIN “Vincenzo,” as the hints of hemp subtly add dryness to the narrative. This is the South of Italy, where dryness plays a central role. The fragrance is like a journey to the sun-soaked landscapes of Puglia, bringing you closer to the traditions and male legacy of Vincenzo.


Let ROMAIN “Vincenzo” immerse you in the timeless charm of Italian shaving artistry, where tradition and elegance converge. This perfume takes you on an olfactory journey to the heart of Italy, where masculinity and refinement go hand in hand. Every drop is a tribute to Vincenzo’s incredible legacy and his dedication to creating true masters in the art of shaving. With ROMAIN “Vincenzo,” you embrace the power of the past and the fragrant promise of the future.”

Envelop yourself in ROMAIN by Kristof Lefebre. Vincenzo has been meticulously and passionately crafted by Master Perfumer Kristof Lefebre. It contains a rich concentration of pure and precious perfume, cherished in a stylish 100 ml bottle.

Romain - Eau de Parfum 100ml - Vincenzo

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