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Product description:


Soft Type Barber Comb.

The teeth are gradually getting shorter towards the tip for finishing. It's easy to work on the small sections such as around the ears en nose.

The flexible body gently fits the scalp. No need to push hard against the clients head to make it bend.

Carbon is added for extra durability.

Ideal for short hair!


Length: 167mm (6,5")

weight: 5g

Color: Flex Carbon

Y.S. Park - 252 - Flex Comb

SKU: 6008
Excluding VAT
  • Soft Type Barber Comb with Shape Memory

    Length: 167mm

    Weight: 5g

    Color: Flex Carbon

    Heat resistance: Up to 220°C

    Holes placed 1 cm apart for grip and flexibility

    Made in Japan

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